Are they the same people?

Today, Israel refers to a nation, whose culture is Jewish and its language Hebrew; yet the Hebrews were a people, Israelite areligion and Jew, a race!

The extended family of Jacob (along with his servants and slaves) settled in the land of Goshen in Egypt…

Rationality is humanity’s most important survival strategy. It operates between different modes of knowledge and across different reasoning strategies. This makes interdisciplinary and cross-contextual conversation possible.

Why should Christian theology bother to engage across disciplines and contexts?

The Great Commission extends the Gospel across geohistorical borders of ancient Israel., i.e…



CLAIM: People of faith who believe in God need history, philosophy & science to keep theology honest.

STATE OF AFFAIRS: Covid 19 has finally done what I was hoping decades of research and study would do — expose the deep problem of…

We shall explore the anthropology, geology and biology of human evolution.


Two scientific explanations for human origins exist — the punctuated and the gradualist models.

Ian Tattersall, a punctuationist, thinks symbolic behavior emerged from one chance mutation that suddenly and dramatically transformed the human mind.[1]Modern humans arrived from somewhere…

Six Questions about DIVINE REVELATION

  1. What did God reveal?

The short answer is everything that is knowable. From as far back as historians can delve, the human mind has been learning new things. God’s revelation is not static and certainly continues. Religious dominance from the earliest times of shamanism around…

Ron Choong

I am an independent, interdisciplinary investigator of the geohistory and philosophy of science and religion

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