A Bird’s Eye View of the Bible

Old Testament

The 39 books of the Protestant Old Testament began as oral teaching and were later committed to writing. Their compositions have been redacted over the years. The ones that we inherited are called the final forms.

New Testament

At around 5 BC, Elizabeth was told she would bear a son, to be called John. He would grow up to proclaim the arrival of his cousin, Yeshua ben Yosef, or Jesus, as the Messiah. In his teens, Jesus showed promise as an insightful and learned mind at the temple. At his baptism by John, witnesses say YHWH announced his divine authority. This set the stage for a period[3] of ministry during which he founded no church, did no mission work and wrote no books — but he left a dangerous idea: that God loves, forgives, and desires our presence. Drawing the threads of prophecies from Isaiah, Joel, Zechariah and Jeremiah, Jesus declared himself the true Son of God (in opposition to the Roman use of an ancient Hebrew claim). He performed signs to signify his authority. He selected twelve as disciples. His claim to divinity was a political threat to Caesar and led to his crucifixion. On the cross, Jesus promised a thief paradise, with no baptism, religious membership or merits, declaring the volitional nature of faith. After his death and resurrection, followers known as apostles (the sent ones) dispersed throughout the Roman Empire to share the good news (euanggelion) that the Kingdom of God was near.



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Ron Choong

I am an independent, interdisciplinary investigator of the geohistory and philosophy of science and religion