How Iran “saved” the World?

The late Bronze Age Zoroastrianism which derived from the even older Madzaism, along with the Egyptian religion of Akhenaten, are probably the grandfathers of the Abrahamic faiths.

Many of our postexilic doctrines introduced after the 6th century BCE may be traced to Zoroastrianism. They include the rise of Satan as personified evil, the geographic locations of heaven and hell as elevated and subterranean topographies are also Persian in origin.

If you find yourself in Khiva, Uzbekistan, check out the Avesta Museum inside the walled city. If you visit Baku in Azerbaijan, check out the Fire Temple. If you get to Yazd in Iran, ask to meet the Keeper of the Eternal Flame inside the old city, funded by Parsis in Mumbai, India.

All four modern nations were at one point part of the Persian Empire. Their current religious dispositions that were shaped by and spanned the worlds of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism, Mithraism, Christianity, Manichaeism and Islam along the Silk Road.



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Ron Choong

I am an independent, interdisciplinary investigator of the geohistory and philosophy of science and religion