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The 2000 year spiritual journey from Abram to Jesus culminated in the Christian Church of the 4th century AD. During the past 4000 years since Abram’s migration from Mesopotamia to Egypt, the Bible is a recent form of God’s revelation.

19th century BC — Abram, a Mesopotamian trader and El Shaddai worshipper, migrated to Egypt

14th century BC — Moses, an Egyptian prince led the Hebrew slaves to worship Yahweh under Joshua in Canaan

10th century BC — David, a Canaanite shepherd ruled the Nation of Israel under the Lord which split to become the Kingdoms of Ephraim & Judah

8th century BC — Ephraim fell to Sargon II of Neo-Assyria

6th century BC — Judah fell to Nebuchadnezzar II of Neo-Babylonia

6th century BC — Assyria & Babylonia fell to Cyrus II of Persia. The Persian province of Yehud led the revival of Yahweh worship. Judaism was organized alongside the writing of the Jewish Bible.

4th century BC — Persia fell to Alexander of Greece. Judaism was Hellenized as Yehud became Ioudaia.

1st century AD — The Greek province of Ioudaia fell to Pompey of Rome, was renamed Judea and later Syria Palaestina. Jesus preached the Gospel and following his death, the Jewish Jesus Movement spread across the Mediterranean world to become an International Jewish religion.

4th century AD — Byzantium became the new Roman capital. Constantine and Theodosius legitimized and adopted the International Jewish religion of Christianity as the official Roman religion. Christianity emerged as a distinct non-Jewish Byzantine religion when the Church announced the rejection of monotheism with the doctrine of the Trinity and the publication of a distinct Christian Bible.

God’s name evolved from Abraham’s El Shaddai to Moses’ Yahweh to David’s The Lord to Theodosius’ the Holy Trinity which forms the current focus of worship for non-Unitarian Christian traditions.

In the 13,800,000,000 year old universe where humans evolved at least 6,000,000 years ago, the Hebrew Bible is 2500 years old and the Christian Bible is only about 1600 years old even if specific letters have been circulated around since the first century.



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